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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ghee Roast Dosa with Onion Chutney

Dosa.... ssh.. this is one of my favorites.

Here is the recipe for one type of Dosa - Ghee Roast.

Ingredients :
(for Dosa)

Boiled Rice (Idli Rice) - 4 Cups
Urad Dal - 1 Cup
Fenugreek seeds - 1 Tbs
Aval (Poha) - 1 Tbs
Ghee (Clarified butter)

Procedure : (to make Batter)

1. Soak rice and urad dal separately in water for 4 hours.
2. Grind Urad dal for about 40 minutes adding water as required. Remove it when the batter almost rolls into a ball in the grinder/blender and set it aside. Take care that it does not become too watery.
3. Grind rice adding the required water. This might take about 20 minutes.
4. Mix with the urad dal batter.
5. Add salt and mix thorougly with hand. This helps in better fermenting.
6. Let it stay overnight and it should be fermented next day showing an increase in quantity.

Note: I usually use the same batter for Idli in the first two days.Adding poha make the Idlis soft.

Procedure :(to make Dosa)

1. Heat the tava. Pour the batter in the center and spread it across in circles.Pour oil across the outer edge.
2. Let it cook in medium heat until slightly brown. Turnover & cook the other side.
3. Turn again & while still in the tava, apply a coat of ghee (as required).
4. Serve hot with the chutney below.

(for Onion Chutney)

Pearl onion - 15 to 20 (or) One large onion slit length-wise.
Tomato - 1 chopped
Red Chilly - 2
Bengal gram - 1 Tbs
Oil - 1 Tbs
Salt to taste


1. Heat oil in a pan. Add bengal gram and red chilly, fry for a minute.
2. Add the onion and fry till transparent.
3. Now add the tomato & saute till it cooks.
4. Let it cool. Add salt and blend.

Note : Do not add water as the tomato loosens it.

Ghee Roast with Onion Chutney :

This is my entry for WBB #4 hosted by Pavani of Cook's Hideout

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  • At 3:33 AM, Blogger Menu Today said…

    Your "DOSA" looks sooo Crisp..Thanks for mentioning.

  • At 6:57 AM, Blogger Foodie's Hope said…

    Haaaaaahh! Looks like a golden cloud Jayshree! I have one 'Mysore masale dose' ,you can link too if you like!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!! :)

  • At 8:37 AM, Blogger Prema Sundar said…

    Golden brown dosa looks yummy with onion chutney. Always my favourite.

  • At 10:43 AM, Anonymous shilpa said…

    Your dosa looks great. Onion chutney is new for me. Will try it soon.

  • At 7:47 AM, Anonymous jayshree said…

    MT,Preme Thnx for the compliment.

    Foodie's Hope,Shilpa Thnx for stopping by.I have linked your post FH.

    Shilpa, let me knw how you liked the onion chutney.

  • At 8:46 AM, Blogger Krithika said…

    Your dosas look perfect. Golden brown and crisp.

  • At 2:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi,Nice recipe.....but you hevnt mentioned when to add the fenugreek seeds and poha......since ive never made dosa or idili in my life i dunt knw of this one.....

  • At 4:58 PM, Blogger ME said…



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