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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mangoe Milkshake

This easy to make Mangoe Milkshake is a real soother for the summer heat.Mangoes make your body hot and my Mom usually insists on taking milk/yogurt after we have a mangoe. This pupose is also easily met in this milkshake.

Raw Material:

Mangoe - 1
Sugar - 6 Tsp
Milk - 7 Oz (obout 400ml)


1. Cut the mangoe into small pieces after pealing the skin.
2. Add the cut pieces along with sugar and very little water in a blender
3. Blend till smooth.
4. Now add the milk after pouring into a serving jar and stir completely to mix well.Can also be done in the blender.
5. Serve chilled

Final Product:

I like it with couple of pieces of mangoes in the shake !!


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